Hill Solomon

Hill Solomon are a design agency based down in London. The site was made in flash for a dynamic and fresh look and feel. The site itself is only 135Kb in size!



This site was developed by myself for a major press and PR company which is based in Manchester.

It features an informative flash intro streamed video in the case studies and a download-efficient design.

Chorley BC

Deleveloped by stratumsoft I was responsible for the design of both the site and the design and functionality of the back-end site management system, a demo of which can be seen here.
Although no longer live the wellness website was developed by myself at stratumsoft for a sub-company of Adidas.
The brief was to create a site which reflected the wellness concept of a healthy lifestyle, and avoided appearing as an advert for a gym.
Going live soon. I made this site for my old school, the Manchester Grammar School. As well as making the Old Mancunians newspaper available on line, the site also features news, contact and events details and an on-line forum for Old Mancunians which has already attracted media attention for the concept.
also: Pataks, Diamond Warehouse, EDUK, EP Barrus and many more

_beta Systems

Weighing in at a whopping 220Mb the _beta.systems flash demo is definately viewable on CD only.

It is used at the companys retail shows nationwide.

British Airways

Part of a demo I made for Stratumsoft to demonstrate one of their virtual assistants.

Requires Real Player.

24hr MD

Another virtul assistant concept demo, this time a video.

Bink video exe - download (5.2M)

Gadget Masters

A 360 degree spin I made for gadgetmasters using Stratumsofts Vistarte spin engine.



An html / flash demo demonstrating hom the Stratumsoft Mentarte engine could be used in a banking environment.

May pause on slower connections.