Stratumsoft -
Apr 2000 - Feb 2002

Pre-Sales Consultant / Graphic Artist

Originally joining Stratumsoft in Feb 2000 as a pre-sales consultant, I was initially working with the sales team to assist them in sales meetings. Further details of my pre-sales work can be found in the sales section of this portfolio. I also worked as a member of the creative team, playing an increasing role in this area until mid-2001 when I began working exclusively for the creative department.

As Stratumsoft is a company focussing heavily on RnD I was required to stay at the forefront of emerging technologies. I worked on many cutting-edge projects including AI characters and interfaces, bio-heads and real-time image manipulation software like spin objects and panoramas.

At the same time I was providing websites and design work for clients like Chorley Borough Council, Pataks, Affinity, Newsplayer, Baxi, British Airways, Wedgwood and Dixons to name but a few! I also continued to provide design support to the sales department and also worked closely with the marketing department to produce demos, artwork and videos.

Other Employment

I began learning web design in 1998 whilst working on the office reception at Botany Bay, Chorley. Whilst I was there I built their first website and made a number of small personal sites including one for the Chorley Ramblers Association using Front Page.

I left Botany Bay in early 1999 to spend some time temping to gain office experience, by the end of the year I could also hand code HTML.

The temping led to a position at Enterprise plc where I spent a year working in the regional development department. Here my main duties were to provide a wide range of IT related support, from presentations to stats and documents. I also developed a 'regional development' area of the enterprise plc intranet which provided staff with various links and services.

By the end of 1999 I had a great deal of web design experience and took a position as a junior web designer at Airtime Internet UK. Here I developed e-commerce sites for the co-op (whitegoods), TDS house and Pilgrims Grave Tending Service! I also got a chance to learn about Real Player and streaming media whilst building a streaming video guide to an exhibit at the Tate gallery. The offer of the pre-sales position at Stratumsoft came shortly after.

PC Software
Photoshop 6
Fireworks 4
Dreamweaver 4
Flash MX
Homesite 5 / Hot Dog 6
Swift 3D V2
Poser 4 Pro
Premiere 6
Cleaner 5 / Real Producer

This is just a list of the main software I use, however I am familiar with many more packages as my previous position required me to research and evaluate emerging web technologies.
The low scores in Javascript and CGI reflect that whilst I am not a programmer I can use and alter existing code.

Personal Information
Andrew Michael Platt
Age: 26
Sex: Male
North West England, Southport
The Manchester Grammar School
French, Physics, English Lang, English Lit, German
Maths, Biology, Chemistry
A Level - Maths (B), Physics (E)