Pre Sales Role

Whilst working pre sales for Stratumsoft I worked closely with the sales team, assisting in the sale from start to finish. In early meetings we would get to know the clients to see where our product set would fit in with them. Between us we then came up with suggestions for possible applications.

If a seemingly viable proposal came out of the early meetings I would then assist the salesman in preparing the proposal, by providing presentations, artwork and demos specifically taylored for the potential client to enable them to visualise the finished product as clearly as possible.

I would then assist with the presentation of the proposal to the client and help with any difficulties they may have, then the salesman hammers out the details and closes the deal.


This is a transcript of the reference I have received from one of the salesmen I worked with:

During my time spent working with Andrew Platt (April 2000 to June 2001) Andrew was actively involved in a pre and post sales support role working alongside me.
Our targets were all new business driven, focussing on Corporate and well known Brands and covered the whole of the UK.
Our success was due to the qualities Andrew displays in the areas of pre-sales preparation, actual Client facing and then subsequent follow up.
Andrew was invaluable and has well developed skill-sets in the following areas;

  • Preparing the pitch before the meeting, via research.

  • Developing the business case in front of the Client.

  • Objection handling.

  • Explaining complex technical issues with a business case slant, rather than a technical one.

  • Building the Client relationship.

  • Ongoing Client support.

  • Ability to pitch at Director level.

Andrew displays an extremely friendly approach to Clients and has a 24/7 outlook in helping Clients achieve their goals.
It is a combination of all these factors which directly led to the generation of over £0.5m of new business revenue, some of these being the largest E-business spends of the Organisations concerned.
I would recommend Andrew without any reservation to any Organisation.

Andrew Jarvis.
Regional manager.


Approach to pre sales

As an example of my working methodology, below is an example of a pitch to a large, well branded multi-national retail group; which went on to be a sale.

Before the initial meeting, I assessed their Brand values and Brand message - and quickly put together a demonstration of what we could do for them.

The meeting was at VP for Strategic Development level, but I realised we would have to involve their entire marketing team.

Throughout the pitch, I kept away from the actual technology, and focussed on what the business benefit was.

Once I had navigated their marketing team, and identified their own personal wins, I assembled a more comprehensive, tailored demonstration of the Solution.

This was then used to leverage a complete marketing team meeting, giving us the advantage over the competition, who had only met a few people.

My next step was involvement in the areas of the Proposal - this also included project plans and so forth.

Throughout the sales cycle, I managed the relationship on a day-to-day basis.

Upon Contractual agreement, I then became involved in the production aspects of the Solution.